Safe cannabis from scientists.

Eternum Analytics provides full compliance cannabis testing for Arizona cannabis companies.

State of the Art Technology

Quick and Reliable

Accurate and Precise

What We Offer

We offer a unique approach to cannabis compliance testing using state of the art instrumentation, an ideal workflow, and professionally trained scientists to ensure that your test results are completed quickly, accurately, and precisely.


Custom Built Laboratory with efficiency in mind

Eternum Analytics is housed at UA Tech park as part of the UACI incubator.

We reside in a fully custom 1,300 sqft laboratory, design by our team with efficiency and an optimized workflow at the forefront. 


Automation in use

We employ automation as well as custom designed tools to ensure all samples are handled in the same exact manner.

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Customer Focus

We deliver transparent analytical results for our customers meeting all your testing needs. Providing clear scientific reports will improve the safety and ethics for the cannabis community.