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A testing facility with integrity and innovation

State of the Art Technology

Quick and Reliable

Accurate and Precise

Welcome to Eternum Analytics - your partner in cannabis safety compliance testing. As an ISO 17025 certified laboratory, we provide full-panel microbial and chemical analysis for cannabis and cannabis products. Trust us to ensure the safety and quality of your cannabis products.

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Custom Built Laboratory with efficiency in mind

Eternum Analytics is housed at UA Tech park as part of the UACI incubator.

Our centralized lab collects a wide range of data from routine testing to complex scientific services that help our customers excel in their product development process.

The Reliable Choice for Cannabis Testing Services

At Eternum Analytics, we specialize in potency and microbial analysis, utilizing a comprehensive approach that guarantees speed and accuracy. Our team has worked hard to develop efficient and reliable testing methods to ensure that your results are delivered in a timely manner.

Elevate Your Cannabis Quality with Eternum

We deliver transparent analytical results for our customers meeting all your testing needs. Providing clear scientific reports will improve the safety and ethics for the cannabis community.

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