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Supporting cultivators from seed to sale.

Eternum Analytics provides viral testing and remediation support for cultivators across the country.

State of the Art Technology

Quick and Reliable

Accurate and Precise

What We Offer

We offer solutions designed to provide real-time insights and actionable data for cultivators. We have aggregated a set of powerful solutions to give cultivators the opportunity to succeed and realize their goals, no matter the size or scope of their project. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your cultivation.


Custom Built Laboratory with efficiency in mind

Eternum Analytics is housed at UA Tech park as part of the UACI incubator.

Our centralized lab collects a wide range of data from routine testing to complex scientific services that help our customers excel in their product development process.

Same or Next-Day Turnover Times

Eternum Analytics offers same or next-day turnover times for all provided services. Custom service will be provided based on the needs of the client, and can be completed in any time frame requested by the client.

customer focus.png

Customer Focus

We deliver transparent analytical results for our customers meeting all your testing needs. Providing clear scientific reports will improve the safety and ethics for the cannabis community.

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