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Our Story

Our Team


Dr. May Khanna

Founder, CEO


Dr. David Scott

Founder, CSO &

Technical Director

Jacob Carlson

Founder, COO

Eternum Analytics was founded when the need for efficient and reliable testing in the cannabis industry was at its highest. Eternum Analytics is a highly efficient, accurate, and ethical testing facility serving all areas of Arizona for your testing needs. We are owned and operated by experienced scientists including our CEO who has 20 years of experience in Drug Discovery Our team noticed a large backlog of samples at testing facilities, leading to inaccurate test results due to rushed testing. This was the inception of the company.  Since then, we have looked beyond cannabis compliance testing. We are leveraging our experience and expertise, along with the massive data we've obtained from viral and microbial testing to not just ensure that testing will be accurate, but that the data we generate is used for cutting edge fingerprinting analysis of plants. 

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